Honest CV for Women Techmakers

We had the enormous pleasure to give an interactive workshop about Honest CV and searching for your real identity during the Women Techmakers Leads Summit in Campus Madrid, a Google space.

During the first day of the summit, Honest CV has contributed to building meaningful connections between participants and breaking the first ice.

Daria was trying to convey the message that there are myriads of worlds inside of us beside of what we do and what we have done, and in those worlds, it is where we should look for our purpose, meaning, and identity.

There were 70 Honest Bios crafted and printed to form a beautiful art installation in the Campus. By the end of the summit, each participant was able to grab his Honest Bio and take it home as a tangible memory from this impactful weekend.

We are very grateful to the organizers and the Campus team for the trust and for getting us involved in this dynamic community of tech-lovers! It was amazing to be honest with you all!

You can see some example Bios on our Instagram account: www.instagram.com/honestcv


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