Why company culture is a must-have

…and not a nice-to-have anymore.

Company culture is more important than ever. It’s not that company culture was ever unimportant, but it’s quickly proving to be a “must-have” rather than a “nice-to-have.”

For the first time in history, millennials have become the largest generational cohort in the workforce. Millennials aren’t from outer space, but they did grow up in a different setting from previous generations, which contributes to the shifting priorities that we’re seeing in the workforce today.

Millennials grew up in a time of financial prosperity and rapid technological advancements. A career means much more than a stable place to work for 25 years and employees are looking at company values, meaning, community, and culture.

This leads us to today’s workplace landscape, in which HR leaders consider culture and engagement their number-one challenge, according to a recent study by Deloitte University Press. It’s clear that in order to attract, retain and engage the modern workforce, we need to focus on company culture.

It’s a tall order, and we should start by looking at what employees (millennials and non-millennials alike) value in their job.

While millennials have brought these topics to the forefront of our minds, your company culture should be designed for and built by all employees. These priorities give you a place to start, but the strongest company cultures develop from input and feedback from employees.

That’s why at Honest CV we focus on nobody else but the people working together in the same space every day. We want to foster a deeper level of connection between them and turn the corporate environment into a place inhabited by humans and made for humans, where we can feel like humans.

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